Care FAQs

General Questions

Where is Broadview located?

Broadview is located on 11 acres in a quiet Los Angeles neighborhood, easily accessed from the 110 freeway, south of Pasadena. For directions and our full address, as well as other contact information please go to our Contact page.

Who can come to Broadview?

Broadview welcomes all those actively studying Christian Science. For further details, please see our Admissions page.

Why is Broadview important to the Christian Science community?

Broadview is essential because it provides much needed care and loving support for those relying on Christian Science for healing and does so in a facility free from medical impositions. It is the only Christian Science nursing facility in the Los Angeles area.

Advance Healthcare Directive

We strongly encourage individuals to consider making an Advance Health Care Directive. These are legal documents that involve appointing someone you trust to make healthcare decisions for you  and/or provide information about the kind of care you would like to have in the event you are unable to speak for yourself. Because Christian Science care is not widely understood, it can be especially important to have this paperwork in order including a statement of that desire and to communicate this fact to your loved ones. Once you make an Advance Health Care Directive, it is important to inform the appropriate people where it is kept and how to retrieve it in an emergency.

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Christian Science Nursing

What services does a Christian Science nurse perform?

  • Assess individual care needs based on the patient’s demonstrated ability
  • Assist with personal care
  • Cleanse and bandage wounds
  • Assist with mobility (getting up, walking, lifting, etc.)
  • Assist with nourishment (and modifications, as needed)
  • Provide for patients who are receiving care in bed
  • Ensure a safe environment with appropriate activity

To learn more about Christian Science Nursing Care click here.

What types of Christian Science nursing care are available at Broadview?

Please see our Christian Science nursing care overview page for an explanation of the care available at Broadview.

Do I need a practitioner?

Yes, you must be receiving daily treatment from a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner.

What should I bring?

We recommend that you bring comfortable clothing and footwear, including non-slip slippers and toiletries for a short stay.

What does Christian Science nursing care cost at Broadview?

For a breakdown of costs, please visit our Rates page.

Does Broadview provide services other than Christian Science nursing care?

Yes, Broadview is an active part of our Southern California Christian Science community! Annually we host informative workshops, meetings, and events, we provide a Visiting Christian Science nurse service to the Northern and Southern counties of SoCal, in addition to a variety of Christian Science nursing care. Please visit our Events page for more information.

Can I use Medicare at Broadview?

Broadview is a Medicare provider. The ability to use this service to pay for your care at our facility is determined on a case-by-case basis. Please visit our Financial Assistance or contact us for more information.

Christian Science Nursing Education

What is a Christian Science nurse?

Christian Science nurses are Christian Scientists. They provide spiritual reassurance and practical care for Christian Scientists relying exclusively on Christian Science for healing. For more information on the type of care a Christian Science nurse provides, please click here.

How do I know if Christian Science nursing is right for me?

Is helping others import to you? Do you express cheerfulness, compassion and patience? Do you have a growing understanding of Christian Science? Would you like a way to serve the Christian Science movement and mankind?

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Christian Science nurse or about the classes offered at Broadview, please visit our Education page, or call us at (323) 221-9174.

How do I pay for Christian Science nurse Education?

Please see our Financial Support page for more information on how to pay for Christian Science nurse Education.

Supporting Broadview

How can I help support Broadview?

In addition to prayerfully supporting the ministry of Christian Science nursing, there are many ways to give to Broadview. You can volunteer, gift a donation, and include Broadview in a bequest. Please visit our Donate and Volunteer pages for more information.

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