Broadview is here to support healing and provide care in a peaceful, spiritual environment. If you need more information or want to be admitted to Broadview, please call us at (323) 221-9174.

Broadview is able to provide care for individuals who:

  • Show reliance on Christian Science for healing.
  • Are receiving daily treatment from a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner.
  • Are free from any use of medication and medical devices.

Documents Required for Admission:

  • Your valid government-issued photo ID card or, if you do not have a valid ID, two witnesses, unrelated to you, who must sign a notarized document attesting to your identity.
  • Your Medicare card, if applicable.
  • Your Social Security card
  • Your private health insurance card, if you have private insurance.
  • Admissions Packet – You may fill one out when you arrive.

Financial Assistance

Partial assistance is available to help you cover the cost of Christian Science nursing care.

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