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Monthly ENews – February 2023

While the rest of the world was celebrating Valentine’s Day, we were focusing on an especially beautiful sort of love: the love for God.

It started with a conversation with a member of our Broadview community. She’s been praying for years about X, Y, and Z, but hasn’t seen progress.

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Monthly ENews – January 2023

Mary Baker Eddy became a visionary leader by taking Jesus at his word — especially his promise that his followers would accomplish “greater works than these.”1 We might say the same of the man whose birthday we celebrate today: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Monthly ENews – December 2022

When things feel like they’re spinning out of control here — it happens — we reach for the first two chapters of Matthew. Jesus is born, the Magi bear gifts, Herod spills innocent blood, and the holy family flees.

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Monthly ENews – November 2022

Recently, I called a friend to offer some comfort. In one month, she lost her primary job, a cherished romance, and the place where she was living — with plenty of betrayal and unfairness all around.

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Monthly ENews – October 2022

Watching autumn leaves turn color, then twirl down from the trees, we’re thinking about letting go. Letting go of someone who’s passed on, or a friendship that no longer works, or a job or home or community that’s now behind us. 

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