Christian Science Nursing Care Rates

“It is the all-hearing and all-knowing Mind, to whom each need of man is always known and by whom it will be supplied.”

– Mary Baker Eddy S&H 7:25

Christian Science
Nursing Care*
$700 per day or $525 per day, if paid in advance
Christian Science Care*$400 per day or $300 per day, if paid in advance
Temporary CareVaries; please call for details
Outpatient Care$32 per half-hour (minimum) plus supplies
Visiting Christian Science
Nurse Service
What is the schedule of charges?
  • The first hour that a Christian Science nurse spends with a first-time patient is complimentary. Subsequent time and additional visits are invoiced at $65.00 per hour, prorated to actual time spent.
  • Administrative costs are invoiced at $60.00 per hour prorated to actual time spent. Those include billing, recordkeeping, phone, text, e-mail consultations, reports to the Christian Science Practitioner, preparing bandages, etc.
  • Round-trip mileage is calculated from our Visiting Service office in Laguna Hills, CA, and is invoiced at the national rate determined by the IRS each year.
  • Costs for supplies provided.

What are your terms?
  • Invoices are due upon receipt.

Medicare Part AThe deductible payment of $1,556 is due on the fifth day after admission to Broadview. (Click here for more information on Medicare.)
Non-Medicare and non-insurance guestsNon-Medicare and non-insurance guests, a minimum care deposit of $1,556 is due upon admission. Any unused amount will be refunded after your departure.
Other insurance plans or Medicare AdvantageThe deductible is determined by your policy. Please bring a copy of the policy with you.

*Rates are kept as up-to-date as possible but are subject to change. Please call us if you have questions.

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