Tuition, Pre-requisites and Duration

Policies for the training program

All applicants must have:

  • Membership in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Mass.
  • Active membership in a Journal-listed society or branch Church of Christ, Scientist.
  • Evidence of a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice 
  • Must submit an application for employment and provide references if not already employed, and will need to submit background check information after receiving a conditional offer of employment.
  • Primary class instruction in Christian Science. Participants during their first year of training or who are preparing for primary class instruction, or who are in Sunday School, may be exempted from the primary class instruction requirement.
  • Ability to read, write, and speak English clearly.

Christian Science Nursing Floor Assistant

Tuition: $200.00
Prerequisite: This course is designed to be an introduction to the ethics and responsibilities of working as a Christian Science nurse. It may be considered a prerequisite for those who are interested in the Christian Science nurses training program.
Duration: The class is five days. Three days in the classroom and two days mentoring on the nursing floor.

Level 1

Tuition: $3,300
Prerequisite: The objective is to learn beginning Christian Science nursing skills in order to render proper care. This course is designed to be the first step in training as a Christian Science nurse for those who desire to be listed in The Christian Science Journal.
Duration: 5 weeks in the classroom + 10 weeks of mentoring

Level 2

Tuition: $3,400
Prerequisite: To have taken the Level 1 Christian Science nursing course, completed the 10 weeks of mentoring, and to have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the skills needed for patient care. The objective for Level 2 is to be able to make sound assessments regarding a patient’s needs for Christian Science nursing administered while care is being required in bed. This course is designed to be the second step in training for the Christian Science nurse desiring to be listed in The Christian Science Journal.
Duration: 4 weeks in the classroom + 3-6 months mentoring.

Level 3

Tuition: $4,000
Prerequisite: When the student has demonstrated a thorough practice of the skills learned in Level 2, they may be eligible for the Christian Science Nursing Level 3 Course. The objective is to learn to render all aspects of Christian Science nursing care regarding cleansing and bandaging, one on one attention, home nursing, camp Christian Science nursing and mother and infant care in light of Christian care shown in the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. 
Duration: 5 weeks in the classroom + 3-6 months of mentoring.

Level 4

Tuition: $3,800
Prerequisite: Approval from Director of Christian Science Nursing. After completion of this course, the Christian Science nurse will be prepared to supervise and manage all aspects of a Christian Science nursing case, including patient care, personnel assignments and evaluations, and administrative duties. This course is a requirement for listing in The Christian Science Journal.
Duration: 4 weeks in the classroom + 3-6 months mentoring. 

Room and Board Rates

Room and board is offered on a case by case basis.

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