Level Two

The objective of the Level 2 course is to learn to make sound assessments regarding a patient’s needs for Christian Science nursing when care in bed is required.  Students receive 4 weeks of instruction in the classroom to learn how to further develop skills and ethics necessary for this ministry. 

Level 2 skills require a great deal of grace, precision, and listening. A very gentle touch and a good understanding of what it means to comfort and to be a comforter is requisite in a Christian Science Nurse. This work requires the students to grow more in their receptivity to Truth and Love. 

The Level 2 course covers the ethics required to give gentle and practical care in bed. Students will become able to move patients safely and effectively in bed both alone and with several Christian Science nurses. Students will also learn how to give advanced personal care. 

This course provides a wonderful deepening of one’s practice of Christian Science as students learn to work with those who require one-on-one care, and effectively respond to sudden needs. 

Included in the Level 2 course is the Level 2 foods class, where students gain skills and judgments in preparing and modifying food, creating clear liquids and cereal drinks.

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