Where is Broadview located?
Broadview is located on 11 acres in a quiet Los Angeles neighborhood, just south of Pasadena. Directions and our full address, as well as other contact information, can be found on our Contact Us page.

Who can come to Broadview?
Broadview welcomes all those actively studying Christian Science. For further details, please see our Admissions page.

Why is Broadview important to the Christian Science community?
Broadview is essential because it provides much needed care and loving support for those radically relying on Christian Science for healing and does so in a facility free from medical impositions. It is the only Christian Science nursing facility in an area with 19 million residents and dozens of churches.

What is Christian Science nursing care?
Please watch this video from ChristianScience.com for an explanation of Christian Science nursing care.

What types of Christian Science nursing care are available at Broadview?
Please see our Services page for an explanation of the care available at Broadview.

What does Christian Science nursing care cost at Broadview?
For a breakdown of costs, please visit our Rates page.

Does Broadview provide services other than Christian Science nursing care?
Yes, Broadview provides a variety of services other than Christian Science nursing care. Please visit our Services page and our Rest and Study page for more information.

Can I use Medicare at Broadview?
Broadview is a Medicare provider. The ability to use this service to pay for your care at our facility is determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information.

What is a Christian Science nurse?
A Christian Science nurse is a dedicated Christian Scientist and a member of the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, MA who has a great desire to serve God and man. Christian Science nurses demonstrate the ability to heal and uplift thought while providing practical, proper care in a sickroom through their understanding and application of the Bible, the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy.

Read an in-depth reply to this question in The Christian Science Journal.

How do I know if the ministry of Christian Science nursing is right for me?
When you are regularly seeing healing demonstrations in your practice of Christian Science and a natural sense of blessing is blossoming around you, Christian Science nursing may be the next step in the unfoldment of your practice. We recommend praying deeply about this calling as well as exploring this information for a thorough understanding of this healing ministry. We would also be happy to answer your questions, and you can contact us here.

What qualities are needed in order to become a Christian Science nurse?
Do you seek to bless your fellow man with the most effective help they can receive? Do you yearn to fulfill Article 8, Section 31 of the Manual of The Mother Church? Are you demonstrating Christian Science with healing results?

In considering the by-law for a Christian Science nurse, your “demonstrable knowledge” will be seen in your deep love of Christianity, your faithfully turning to God for every need, and in your patience, love, and joy of serving. Your “practical wisdom” will be seen in listening, discernment, and willingness. Your “proper care” will be seen in “doing unto others as you would have them do to you”, and in being conscientious, ethical, gentle, humble, and full of grace.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Christian Science nurse or about the classes offered at Broadview, please visit our Education page, or call us at (323) 221-9174.

How do I pay for Christian Science Nurse Education?
Please see our Education page for more information on how to pay for Christian Science Nurse Education.

How can I help support Broadview?
In addition to prayerfully supporting the ministry of Christian Science nursing, please visit Ways to Give for information on giving and volunteer opportunities.

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