Executive Director

Marivic Bay Mabanag

I am filled with joy to join Broadview’s healing ministry. It is with a sacred purpose and spiritual vigor that I begin this journey with all of you.

Our Leader Mary Baker Eddy noted that a journey is not simply the activity of one individual:

“Our watchwords are Truth and Love; and if we abide in these, they will abound in us, and we shall be one in heart – one in motive, purpose, pursuit. Abiding in Love, not one of you can be separated from me; and the sweet sense of journeying on together, doing unto others as ye would they should do unto you, conquers all opposition, surmounts all obstacles and secures success.”
– (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 135:5-11)

As we work to “nurse” ourselves, our brothers and sisters, our churches, and our communities, we can be guided by Mrs. Eddy’s words to be “one in motive, purpose, pursuit.”

Onward with joy!


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