Executive Director

Wm. F. “Bill” Cunningham, Jr

Meet our Executive Director, Bill Cunningham, who discovered Christian Science as a young US Coast Guardsman. He has held almost every Christian Science branch church office repeatedly, and is a member of the Christian Science Association of the Pupils of DeWitt John, C.S.B.

Bill brings a wealth of experience in facility operations management, personnel management, and executive leadership. During three out of the last four years as a developer and professional trainer at Broadview, BERT delivered a fully integrated plan to address virtually all compliance issues including RNHCI/CMS/QAPI, The Commission, COVID Prevention Plans, OSHA Injury Illness & Emergency Action Planning and Cal/OSHA Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare mandates.

Broadview has a strong Christian Science Nursing, CS Visiting Nursing and viable CSN Education program in place. He brings professional operational and outside leadership skills. Together these “conjoin naturally with each other” (S&H 57:9-10)

Bill can be found walking the halls and developing strong relationships between staff through their managers. His quick laugh, sharp wit, and respectful, non-nonsense approach to business is blessing Broadview as one of the brother birds bending on a wonderful strengthening branch, blending. Broadview’s future is bright!

He is truly excited and impassioned to help guide Broadview in a whole new broad path of Christian Science Care, and he truly feels the trust the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, donors, patients, and families have bestowed on him. Wonderful things are happening and revealing to us all!

BERT and Bill have recently received many prestigious awards for excellence in community leadership. Bill’s wife is serving as second reader at First Church Newport Beach, and their daughter, Katie Upton, works at the Mother Church following her 2021 graduation from Principia College.

His first Sunday School teacher was Daniel Jensen, C.S.B. Indeed, he learned to “Begin Rightly” in his passionate journey for Principle and Love.

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