2018 October Healing Moments “Ye Shall Know The Truth.”

By June Nettles Clark, C.S.

One of the first ‘Truths’ I learned, in Christian Science Sunday School, was on the wall

“…know the Truth” another name for God, and knowing God, would do the rest. So each day, I listen to know what is needed.  The fires out west need our prayers and I am knowing that God is always in control. Looking to God in every way, I pray for the beauty of the areas and for the safety of the people, along with their homes and businesses. The safety of the brave fire fighters that put themselves in harm’s way to control those fires, and help save lives and properties and animals.

I remember my mom’s very first healing in Christian Science. We lived in the country west of Mobile Alabama in a log cabin, on 8 acres next to a very large area of trees and underbrush. Our nearest neighbors were on the other side and others throughout the countryside. It was common to keep barrels of water on properties at all times in case of fires. It was early fall, the wind was forceful, thunder and lightning but no rain when suddenly the lightening lit a fire in the underbrush of that field. Our family of eight along with neighbors were fighting the fire with sacks wet with the water in the barrels. I was next to my Mom, when she stopped fighting the fire and looked up and said, “If God is the God I am learning about in Christian Science then I know that He will control this fire.”  At that very moment the wind shifted in the opposite direction and literally blew the fire back over the burned area, therefore the fire completely, quickly died out. From that moment my Mom,  continued to study Christian Science to gain a clear understanding of God’s Allness, His omnipotence, His omniscience, His omnipresence and His infinity.

I must say, I loved Sunday school and knew that someday I too would work for God. I was inspired by my Mom’s love and understanding of God’s Love for all mankind. To this day I continue to work to see man as God’s reflection,to know God as Life, Truth, Mind, Soul, Spirit. I work to express only what is contained in divine Mind,to know that Mind is expressed in intelligence, wisdom, spiritual understanding protecting all mankind.

Knowing that God is Love, man is expressing tenderness, compassion, kindness, gentleness, which gives one spiritual strength to be obedient to God’s laws. Let’s pass forward many years when my youngest, of three brothers, was the supervisor of a construction  job in another state, when he received a call to tie down all equipment and for all to go to a storm shelter. There was a tornado on a path toward his construction site. He was obedient and had all the crew do so and go to a storm shelter. As he started to lock the door to his office he realized a large piece of equipment was not securely tied down and knew that not only was the job site in danger of destruction but people and structures were in danger. Having grown up in Christian Science, he quickly lifted his thought to God, then called our Mom, asked for her prayers of protection. He needed to climb the iron to the second floor and secure a piece of equipment. He quickly informed her that the tornado was on a straight path to his job sight. As he hurried to do his job, my Mom was knowing the Truth and in a short time my brother called her back to let her know that “the Truth” had indeed set him and the job site free. When he descended to the ground after securing the equipment, the tornado had reached the edge of the property and disintegrated into its native nothingness. No damage at all to my brother or the job site. When I picked up Mom that evening for Church, she was very quiet and I figured she was praying about something. When the testimony time arrived, Mom was first to share her experience of “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.”

Being prepared each day, “…leaning on the sustaining infinite…” knowing God is truly ever present, gives one strength and confidence to “Walk with Love.”  Daily holding to Truth, Love and Life through prayer in Christian Science transforms consciousness and heals.




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