An Open Letter to the Christian Science Field


Last year was one of activity, introspection, gratitude, discussion, and review for the Broadview board. This was made possible through the capable leadership of a new management team which reviewed all aspects of finances and staffing to evaluate the viability of Broadview’s finances and ongoing operations.

We held a garden party on our beautiful grounds, hosted many webinars with topics of interest to the Christian Science community. All the while, the Christian Science nursing staff, the housekeeping, maintenance, and kitchen staff, maintained the professional and loving atmosphere Broadview is known for.

We had new hires and from-within promotions to strengthen our operations and we can now say that Broadview is here to stay. Broadview has and is continuing to teem with activity, and we are grateful for the ongoing, steadfast support from our Christian Science friends near and far.

Christian Science nursing is continuing to evolve as people are seeking to stay in their homes for as long as possible and Broadview wants to be a partner in this endeavor. We are exploring ways for the community to know that Christian Science nursing offers a wide variety of services such as infant and family care and we are proud to offer all levels of Christian Science Nursing education.

Additionally, we are starting to work with care committees of local branch churches and individuals to offer courses that teach basic care for an individual, which might not require the care of a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse and would help family members and friends to care for a loved one.

We are deeply grateful for all the input we received and for the new collaborations that are taking shape. We are committed to Christian Science Nursing in Southern California and grateful for all of our friends and supporters.

The Board of Directors


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