Part of the Family

I am so extremely grateful for the two months I was blessed to spend at Broadview. I really gained a feeling of being part of the family there. Everyone was so friendly when passing me in the hall when I took my walks. Nurses, who weren’t assigned to me at that time, would stop by just to say hello. One nurse in particular, if I felt a little discouraged, he would quickly respond with the progress I had shown since I arrived there. I was able to walk outside and around the beautiful grounds. When I was in the medical facility I had to take the pain medication, which is something I had never done before, and participate in a strenuous rehabilitation program. While at Broadview I was completely freed from pain with no medication and gained better use of my arms, enabling me to be more independent. The loving care I received from all of the nurses was outstanding. They made me feel very special! I attribute my progress to being in a spiritual atmosphere surrounded by love.

Lori Marquart


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