Healing Moments- April 2018

A life-long Christian Scientist shares the healing that made him realize that relying on God brings immediate and lasting effects.

Many years ago in a career in England as a soccer player, I had a major injury. In the 1970’s, soccer was very physical and often violent. In a particularly rough game, I jumped to head the ball away from my goal. I was hit in mid air by two opponents and it forced me to land badly on the ground. I immediately realized that I had hurt a knee and could not walk unaided. I was helped off the field. I never had serious problems previously with injuries so I didn’t have too much concern. One week later however, there was no progress. My club had the leading physical therapist at the time in soccer. He examined me and said I had damaged knee ligaments severely.

Feeling discouraged, I went home. I woke up one morning and realized that, as a Christian Scientist, I did not have to accept what I had been told. I telephoned an ex Sunday School teacher who agreed to pray with me. She said, ”We will pray with something Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health with Key to Scriptures. In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy says. Mind is the source of all movement.”  I really lived this for a week. After being unable to walk, I was walking again. Within another week, I was running, and within a month was back playing again. Clearly, I’m very grateful to Christian Science and blessed Mrs. Eddy, our dear Leader. The physical therapist later told my club that he thought I would have trouble ever running again. So my healing defied medical science. I wondered later  why the only time I ever allowed myself to be examined, it failed to help me when all of my team mates used it and were usually healed. Then it came to me that they were living up to their highest sense of right and that my highest sense of right was Christian Science. This healing had a huge impact on me.


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