Healing Moments – September 2016 Newsletter

With our Annual Meeting fresh in thought, we’re sharing some comments from the day with you:

I found the messages that were shared by the [Christian Science] nurses very uplifting. My take away from Lona’s talk is that we are a global church, welded together in an unbreakable bond of love. Thank you for your excellent work in making this meeting such a success. I would not miss an annual meeting! They are always so welcoming and so thoughtfully and beautifully presented.

Thank you for that wonderful meeting. We thought it was the best Annual Meeting in recent memory that we have attended – everything was harmonious and good: the reports, the food, the logistics, that AMAZING address given by Lona Ingwerson. Thank you for that lovely gift and message to the Christian Science community, and especially for continuing to demonstrate the meeting of that most important need: A CS Care Facility in the greater Los Angeles area.

…this was the best Annual Meeting ever.  A huge congratulations to the team that paid such loving attention to every detail.  The music, Lona’s amazing talk, Michael’s heart-felt introductory remarks, the [Christian Science] nurses’ comments, the lanterns in the garden, the tables, food, the community corner and Ame and husband taking pics, the flowers, everything.  Thank you thank you!

Thank you again for yesterday’s beautiful event.  Program, music, reports, Lona’s talk, food, flowers, shade, new luncheon concepts, Japanese lanterns, all gave a festive, family feeling!

I have to tell you that my wife had a healing during the meeting. She’d been very worried about a family situation, but during Lona’s talk, an angel message spoke to her very clearly about the situation. Her anxiety immediately disappeared, and she knew she was healed of all concern and that all would be well!


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