Healing Moments – October 2017

Progress has been abundant among Broadview patients and guests this October, as many have come in and out of our front doors expectant of healing. One guest has progressed wonderfully in action and activity during Broadview’s Joyful Movement class – an activity made up of a variety of tossing games.  There was a time this guest never attended these classes, however she slowly began attending to cheer on the other players. After observing the games being adjusted to the need and ability of the individual, this guest gradually began trying her hand at a few. Now she participates in all the games and has recently made significant improvement in her tossing and throwing ability. It is such fun and joyful movement indeed! We continue to try new activities, and progress is evident every time.

We are grateful at Broadview for many things, but this month we would like to express immense gratitude for the hard work and dedication of our Board of Directors in their search for a new Executive Director. We are equally grateful to announce the fruition of this hard work, through the hire of Lin Watts, who has accepted this position, and officially began working for Broadview October 16.


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