Healing Moments – October 2015 Newsletter

  • โ€œ[My friend] had such a WONDERFUL stay at Broadview!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ย The difference between me taking her down and picking her up was like between night and day! To mortal sense, she’s had a pretty “hard knock” life, and she told me that staying at Broadview was the first such break she’d had in 50 years! And she’d NEVER had anybody wait on her, as in bringing her meals to her. Today when I talked to her on the phone, she was like a singing canary. Please let the staff know how much all of their kind care meant to [her].โ€ – from a note of gratitude
  • One morning, a guest at Broadview fell and needed to use a wheelchair to get around. When our afternoon shift arrived, the Floor Leader decided it would be best to move this individual to a different room where more supervision could take place. Just before the move occurred, the Floor Leader noticed the guest seemed rather agitated in the wheelchair and told her, “Be still and listen. God is talking to you right now. Let’s listen for what He has to say.” The guest responded immediately, “Ok, I will.” The Floor Leader moved the guest into the new room, turned on the Christian Science Bible Lesson, and left to attend to some other tasks. Very shortly thereafter, another Christian Science nurse walked past the Hub (the central station for our Christian Science nursing staff), turned to the Floor Leader and announced, “Isn’t that [our guest] walking down the hall?” Sure enough, the individual who had been using a wheelchair just an hour before was walking upright – without any need for assistance – back to her old room. The Floor Leader made sure all was well, thanked God for such a glorious result, and called the guest’s Christian Science practitioner to thank her, too. There has been no further need for mobility aids for this individual, and we are all so very grateful!
  • A Rest & Study guest came to our Christian Science nursing staff one night needing some help. Assistance was provided, and the individual returned to her room. The next day, the Floor Leader decided to check on her, and it seemed there was still something the individual was struggling with. When she stated that she hadn’t slept well, the Floor Leader replied with some ideas from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, reminding the guest that mortal mind can never touch us – either when asleep or awake. The two talked for a bit longer about metaphysical ideas, and the Floor Leader left the individual resting and listening to an audio version of this same book. On their next visit, the guest was laughing and happy – a complete turnaround from previously. She told our Co-Director of Christian Science nursing what an impact the Floor Leader had on her and how healing was absolutely taking place. Again, we give our thanks to divine Love and to all who supported this wonderful turnaround!


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