Healing Moments – November 2015 Newsletter

  • One of our Christian Science nurses arrived to work not feeling well. She felt confident that this was the right place to be, however, and that she would be able to do what she needed to do while in the office. When she completed all of her duties early, she was very grateful, thinking, “Now, I can rest.” When she  returned home, though, she found her daughter was also not feeling well, and she realized she needed to
    (c) Youry Ermoshkin
    (c) Youry Ermoshkin

    break the mesmerism of this seeming sickness immediately. All day, she’d been focused on “getting through the office work,” with the expectation that she’d find peace and rest afterwards. Now, God’s angel message reminded her that divine Love is always caring for her; peace is always present. She saw that her peace was in caring for others, whether at Broadview or at home. Immediately, all the symptoms of illness for both her and her daughter disappeared, and both rejoiced in their God-given freedom and dominion!

  • A note of gratitude – “…I had a need for a visiting nurse that was one of the most unusual experiences I have ever had…I opened my door at the scheduled time and immediately felt God’s presence being expressed by one of His ideas. The room was so filled with Love, patience, and immediacy of thought and direction to the situation that my human comfort was put at ease and God’s healing power was felt ever so strongly. Mortal mind was trying to suggest that of a long recovery but that became baseless immediately as the healing had already begun when the nurse walked through my door…I am most appreciative of the Visiting Nurse Service…and the quick response to my situation.”


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