Healing Moments – March 2017

A guest recently told a staff member at Broadview she wasn’t feeling well and needed to go back to bed. This meant she wouldn’t be joining her friends in the dining area for lunch and, regretfully, wouldn’t be attending the afternoon documentary – one she had requested to be shown and had been excited to see. After a moment, the patient was drawn to ask the staff member how she prayed for herself. Happy to share, the staff member told her it varies. But she just happened to have written out her prayer earlier that morning and had it with her.

The staff member had studied and written out Psalm 62 in her own words, addressing God and arranging it so that the psalm read in first person. The staff member proceeded to read the prayer to the guest (see below). The two exchanged a few comments, including recognizing that prayers are directly from God and are individual – for each one.

A few days later, the guest thanked the staff member, saying their conversation had been a healing treatment – inspiring her to stay up rather than return to bed. She joined her friends for lunch in the dining area and attended the afternoon documentary.

We love the opportunity to witness divine Love in action like this!


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