Healing Moments – March 2016 Newsletter

When individuals call to inquire about coming to Broadview for care, we work as quickly as we can to accommodate the need. Sometimes, due to additional staffing requirements in order to do so, it may take a few days before there is available space. This month, however, we were so grateful to have been able to accept two individuals immediately and provide much-needed support. We are also grateful for the very rapid improvement of a guest who arrived with eating and mobility issues. They began walking on their own just after coming and expressed unbounded gratitude for the care! Within a few days, this individual was able to return home.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  – Matt. 6:21 

A treasure is filled with valuables, precious items, masterpieces.  Broadview is a treasure because it is filled with what is valuable to the Griffin_203_smaller2upward climb of those who participate in its multi-faceted avenues of healing. It includes precious items such as: Christian Science nurses, guests, an Executive Board, administration, development, activities, and those who give of their time to hold Christian Science services [volunteers].  It is a masterpiece because of its motives and love for the Christian Science Movement.  Broadview’s heart is full of all the possibilities of demonstrating the treasures of the great heart of Love.

– Beautiful inspiration from a friend of Broadview


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