Healing Moments – July 2016 Newsletter

(c) Yuliia Pushkar
(c) Yuliia Pushkar

“A grateful heart a garden is,” we read in Hymn 3 of the Christian Science Hymnal. This month, we share with you excerpts from some letters of gratitude we’ve recently received!

Laura Armstrong [Director, Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service] came and she was absolutely wonderful. She handled some ‘first time’ jitters and concerns so lovingly and professionally. She was absolutely great – loving, true to Christian Science, hardworking and cheerful and helpful in every way. Thank you so much for this vitally important service! Thank you to everyone!

I first want to start off by saying thank God for tender souls like yourself…I haven’t been able to sincerely express my gratitude…I want to say thank you a million times but I know truthfully it’s not enough to express all of our appreciation to you. God bless you…

Yesterday’s talk and demonstrations were wonderful. I learned so much, both spiritually and practically…Thanks so much for all you do, and for how Broadview supports our community.


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