Healing Moments – January 2016 Newsletter

  • An individual under our care was not eating or opening the eyes. A Christian Science Nurse sat quietly with this individual, praying and sharing ideas about God and His love. The individual began to smile and nod in response to the nurse’s voice, and the nurse had a strong sense of the presence of harmony in the room. She was moved to read the Christian Science Bible Lesson out loud in Spanish. The guest seemed very responsive to this activity and began to eat, finishing everything on the tray. The next day, the individual was eating, opening the eyes, and responding with clarity. The nurse gratefully acknowledged the guest’s receptivity to divine Truth and realized that sharing this Truth is her purpose. She thanked God, good, for this small, but powerful demonstration. DSC_1210
  •  A guest who initially seemed averse to listening to the Bible Lesson is now studying and expressing the Truth on a regular basis and showing wonderful progress. Yet another guest, who had not taken any steps for several months, has begun to walk with the assistance of a family member and a Christian Science nurse. Our nursing staff is filled with gratitude for these evidences of divine Love and healing.


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