Healing Moments-February 2018

Following a remarkable Christian Science nursing career, Gloria Beasley, a Christian Science Nurse at Broadview, has recently become Journal-listed. We are celebrating her achievement by sharing her incredible story.

One day Gloria Beasley and her husband found out that they would have to care for her mother-in-law at home. Gloria’s mother-in-law was dealing with a mental challenge and needed assistance as she was unable to feed, or bathe herself. Gloria and her husband decided that they would take care of her mother-in-law at home while they went through the Medicare process which would take three months. Undaunted, Gloria welcomed the opportunity to care for her mother-in-law, always seeing her as perfect, in her right mind. In less than three months, Gloria’s mother-in-law was completely well, without taking any medicine or using  Medicare. This wonderful healing led Gloria to become curious about Christian Science nursing and she began her Christian Science nursing career at Broadview. Today, Gloria is a Christian Science Journal-listed nurse. Gloria is grateful to God and to Broadview for their support. For Gloria, this recognition meant that she was prepared to provide spiritual reassurance and skillful physical care in a Christian Science facility or at the patient’s home. Anyone who is depending solely on God for healing by applying the principles of Christian Science can engage a Christian Science nurse.

Thank you for all you do Gloria. We are so proud of you!


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