Healing Moments – April 2016 Newsletter

While going through some storage boxes, we discovered a talk (perhaps for Annual Meeting) from Broadview’s Manager dated 1962. We thought you’d enjoy stepping back in time with us and reading some of the contents of this talk, as the ideas still ring true today…

“Good Afternoon, Friends:

As Manager, it is my happy privilege also to welcome you here…

Broadview is beautifully situated among the hills where at one time one could see shepherds tending their sheep. Today, in this same peaceful situation our dedicated staff-associates and [Christian Science] nurses under the watchful eye of our Board of Directors are continuing in the shepherding of the sheep of His fold.

…We receive many letters of gratitude…and here are some excerpts:

“After a few days’ stay at Broadview recently, where the love expressed was a great aid and comfort, I returned home. Although there did not yet seem freedom enough realized to return to my work immediately, I was confident that after another day this would be possibly. This proved to be the way it worked out, and much inspiration from my stay at Broadview remains to comfort and uplift thought along the way. Love was everywhere and a gentle reminder of the Truth whenever I seemed to go on the side of error. It never failed. I arrived there in an ambulance scarcely able to move and walked out without human help.”

This was such a beautiful healing. We all rejoiced.

Another guest wrote: Broadview-in-the-1950s

“Recently I found the need for quiet – away from my busy schedule and telephone. An angel thought came to me, ‘Do you think Broadview would give you this?’ Within an hour after calling my practitioner, my suitcase was packed and we were making arrangements to drive over to Broadview. What a haven of rest and healing my stay proved to be. The first night, in my feverish delirium, it was as if an angel floated in to my bedside, giving me Truths from Science and Health by our beloved Leader, and hymns, which quieted me. The following day, as though the nurses sensed my need for added strength, when they came in for routine duty they planted truths of God’s allness as they left the room…when I was able to read and work to claim my true reality, they left me to my studies. However, the friendly, healing atmosphere was felt throughout my stay, even permeating the gardens.”

Aren’t these nice expressions of appreciation?…Please feel free to accept my invitation to visit Broadview in the near future and see for yourselves what a gracious and homelike place this is.”


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