Healing Moments – May 2015 Newsletter

  • Broadview’s mission is to support healing, and this isn’t just limited to patients and residents. We are expectant of healing whenever there’s a need, and last month, we demonstrated that! With two admissions, there was a need for additional staff, or contract Christian Science nurses. After making what seemed like many, many phone calls, we were still short – everyone was unavailable. Grateful for their abundance of work but still needing to fill our schedule, we turned to our Metaphysical Committee, a group of volunteer Christian Science practitioners who support Broadview on a consistent basis. Within 24 hours, we had nurses reaching out to us! One who was already scheduled to come work short-term showed up five days early, and another, who just came to take an individual home, offered to work with us for ten days. We could not have been more overjoyed at this “abundance of oil” (see II Chronicles 31:5) pouring forth to meet the need! Thank you to those Christian Science nurses who stepped up to assist, to our Metaphysical Committee for its diligent work, and our own staff for their flexibility and dedication. We are grateful for everyone!Flowers
  • During a patient’s morning shower, she stated that she was going to faint. The Christian Science nurses in the room helped the patient to sit down on the commode, and one of the nurses dialed the patient’s Christian Science practitioner. After the nurse had relayed to the practitioner what had happened, the patient stopped breathing and slumped backward. The second nurse, who was sitting with this individual, said loudly, “You are the substance of good. You express Life. You are based in Principle. You know the Truth. Wake up.” The nurse was working from the standpoint of the Scientific Statement of Being (Science & Health 468:8). At the same time, the other nurse was holding the telephone to the patient’s ear, and the practitioner was clearly affirming truths about her identity as a child of God. Both the practitioner and the nurse were insistently encouraging the patient to wake up and claim her true identity. When the practitioner said, “Think of your family, be an example to them,” she began breathing and responding. After ten minutes, this individual was dressed and went on with normal activity. “Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living, is the Life divine, revealing spiritual understanding and the consciousness of man’s dominion over the whole earth.” (Science & Health 14:25)
  • Our Visiting Christian Science nurses witnessed daily healing with a client who had returned home after a short stay at Sunland. The individual’s foot had been broken in two places. By the time x-rays were taken, the bones had set perfectly so all that was needed was a foot brace, but she was not able to put any weight on the foot. Open sores on the foot required daily cleansing and bandaging, but from the second day on, we witnessed daily visible progress. After one and a half weeks, the foot sores were completely healed, and she was putting some weight on the foot and using a walker with greater freedom. Not long after, one of the Christian Science nurses saw her at an event, without any mobility aids. They both expressed much gratitude for this healing!


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