Gratitude for the Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service

If I didn’t write to you, I would be remiss in expressing the overwhelming gratitude I feel for the Visiting [Christian Science] Nurse Service! A few months ago a lump appeared on my back, and then started to swell and bleed. After calling a practitioner for prayerful support, I also contacted the Orange Co. [Christian Science] nurses who immediately came to meet the practical need at that time and for the next month, or so. It was clear that Patty, Denise and Sage were maintaining a spiritual sense of things while ‘on duty’ and contributed to the ongoing metaphysical support being given.

There was no more pain after the second day or so, and each day the area was cleansed and re-bandaged. I refused to accept that I was a ‘patient with a problem’ and knew this was what the [Christian Science] nurses were refuting also. I knew that anything practical in their work was based on divine Love’s guidance.

Each [Christian Science] nurse expressed tenderness, a comforting and cheerful presence, attention to detail, the presence of the Christ shining through their work and decisions.

Although never ‘observing’ the physical condition during this time, it must have been obvious that the swelling and whatever else seemed evident in need of practical attention was disappearing. As the weeks went by, I called for the [Christian Science] nurses’ loving care infrequently because unnecessary. Recently there was no more need for bandaging as the sore was rapidly disappearing.
I am deeply grateful to our Leader for establishing Christian Science nursing as a facet of the healing ministry of Christian Science and especially to those individuals who commit to the unselfishness, determination, and patience necessary to their work.
Diane P. Dailey


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