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  • January 2024 Spiritual Activities Calendar

    Isn’t it fun to start 2024 on a Monday? We get to begin our new year with a wonderful Lesson that affirms God’s constant communication to us and reminds us that “The Word” has always existed.
  • December 2023 Spiritual Activities Calendar

    Happy, holy Christmas season to you, dear participant! We hope you’ll find the Spiritual Activities supporting your enjoyment of all the added events and festivities of the season. 
  • November 2023 Spiritual Activities Calendar

    The Thanksgiving season naturally inspires us to be thankful. Considering the troubling situations occurring in the world, it is good to realize that gratitude also includes peace and unselfed love, as these verses from Colossians 3 make clear...
  • God’s Irresistible Allness ft. Tracy Colerider-Krugh

    "God's Irresistible Allness" is a theological or philosophical concept that suggests that God is all-powerful and all-encompassing, making His presence and influence undeniable and irresistible.
  • October 2023 Spiritual Activities Calendar

    The last couple of months it’s been lovely to hear from many participants expressing gratitude for being prompted to pray about specific issues. For example, on September 8 we received from a Christian Science teacher, “Thank you for today's spiritual…
  • Greetings from Broadview! Healing is happening!

    Dear Friends: The Broadview Annual Meeting will be held this year on Saturday December 2nd, 2023. So mark your calendars and look for more details to follow.  Meanwhile, we are reaching out to you today to provide an important update…

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