2018- May Healing Moments

Everything has a natural order to it. In fact Mary Baker Eddy quotes this In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. 

“The Poets line,’ Order is heavens first law.’ is so eternally true, so axiomatic, that it has become a truism; and its wisdom, is as obvious in religion, and scholarship, as in astronomy or mathematics.” Ret 87:3-6

As a Christian Science nurse, in my work with pregnant mothers and the birth of their babies you see this order; axiomatic means self- evident, obvious. When there does not appear to be order, we can always appeal to God’s omnipresent principle, and experience the obvious.

Christian Science nursing is all about restoration and renewal. Thought is always being lifted to what is true, to what God has made, to what God is doing and has already done—the obvious order.

I am so very humbled to have seen this order demonstrated in many instances throughout conception, labor, and birth as I have been called to cases.

Morning sickness became all day sickness and seemed so pervasive that the mother couldn’t take care of her three year old child, any movement created dis-order. When dis-order was corrected in consciousness, the illness was met and order resided once more in this family’s life, the child came and was born into a harmonious experience.

A cesarean section was scheduled because the placenta was presenting itself before the baby, a natural birth occurred, because this truism called order had been realized, all fear left the mother’s consciousness and the placenta moved to where it needed to go, just a couple weeks before the birth. The doctor commented that it was highly unusual for this to happen at such a late date.

When a baby was born, the cord was in a very tight knot, cutting off what was vital for his existence, however, it was so evident that Divine Love sustained him as he looked like a small football player! So filled out and completely healthy. The doctor was quite amazed and said this happens one in every twenty thousand. The parents both cried tears of joy and gratitude, for they knew that the law of God was in operation, and nothing could interfere with this child’s life.

Order, this first law of heaven, never had been disrupted.

My nine year old Grandson is also here because of this Law. My daughter was sent home from the doctor’s office telling her to come back after she miscarried. She was told that it was a medical impossibility for this pregnancy to proceed. The pregnancy did proceed in spite of what medical science dictated. The doctor, who was of another faith, commented to my daughter and I when he saw things completely normalize, that perhaps he needed to convert!

In the Bible we read “Thus saith the Lord, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the Lord that maketh all things; Isa 44:24.

It is with such gratitude, that I share these beautiful healings!

Lynne Scheiern



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