The Inside Scoop – Summer Internship Program 2017

This summer, Broadview’s three interns are all current Principa College students, and all have varied interests. Two of our interns are even from other countries! We’ve loved having them as part of our Broadview family these past couple weeks, and look forward to working with them in the following months. We have included a little bio from each of them below.

* * *

Justin Wu

My name is Justin Wu, and I am from Hong Kong, China. I am a senior at Principia College, with a major in Mass Communication and a minor in Art. I have a special love of music and can play six different kinds of instruments; guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, piano, and violin. I recently participated in Principia’s Dance Production, and picked up an interest in swing dancing as a result. Hopefully I can find a swing dancing venue in Los Angeles to dance my heart out. I am also a member of Principia College’s rugby team, known as the Thunder Chickens. This year, our team placed 10th in the nation!

At Broadview, I am the Special Events Intern. My role includes planning upcoming events, managing Broadview’s monthly e-newsletter, and photography, among other things. I’m so grateful to be interning at Broadview, and to be able to work with such amazing people.

After my internship, I plan on exploring and surfing California for a couple of weeks before heading back to school for my semester abroad in Peru. My fellow students and I will be traveling to Machu Pichu and Lima. I imagine there will be a lot of hiking, eating, and speaking Spanish. I can’t wait!

Boyowa Amuka

I am Boyowa Amuka and I am from Lagos, Nigeria. I am an international student at Principia College, studying Business Administration and Philosophy. I chose to attend Principia College because not only is it a college for Christian Scientists, but it is also a place for me to discover myself; grow in all ramifications; and let my light shine.

Coming to college in The United States, I knew from the start that I wanted to study Business Administration – as I foresaw myself becoming a top CEO in the future. After a few of my Business classes at Principia, I fell in love with Human Resources. I found it to be a career path in which I am able to influence both a whole organization as well as each employee. Doing this work has brought about a sense of fulfillment and joy.

Throughout the school year, I work in the Principia Human Resources Office, which has been a glorious platform for me to develop valuable skills and put into practice all the theoretical aspect of studying HR. I decided to intern at Broadview this summer because it was an opportunity for me to grow as an individual, gain more experience in my field and give back to the Christian Science community. At Broadview, I have been working as the Business Intern and am daily performing HR and Accounting related duties. I know that by the time my internship is over, I will leave Broadview feeling more polished as an individual.

Sam Meier

My name is Sam Meier, and I am from a small town called Middlebury in northern Indiana. There is not much to do there, and it is nothing like Los Angeles. My town is quite close to the Great Lakes, which is a great area to travel.

After graduating high school, I went on to enroll at Principia College, immediately starting my degrees in Music and Computer Science. I have learned a lot from all my professors. These lessons range from building computers from the most basic of components to creating building blocks to some of the more advanced and extremely complex areas in computer science. Some of the courses that I have greatly enjoyed are being employed in this internship as well –  making me extremely grateful to all my teachers and professors and their shared knowledge.

As a senior in college, my music degree is progressing quite well. I’ve had many amazing teachers and have also had the opportunity to go on an exciting trip to Europe, where I learned all about music abroad. We traveled to Vienna, Prague and Paris, watching operas, ballets, symphonies and everything in between. It was a fabulous experience and I would love to travel the world again.

I spend my time reading, playing games with friends or programming other projects. I do paint a little, not on canvas, but on little miniatures. I find so much pleasure in painting all the details and the finished project that they feel like such masterpieces to me. I also have a passion for music, and have played in many bands and symphonies. A large part of my free time is spent practicing clarinet or piano, and I am currently working on a clarinet piece that was created by another Principia student.

* * *

If you happen to see our interns around and about in Los Angeles, feel free to say hello! They would love to talk with you about their internship at Broadview, school, their travels, and so much more! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about our summer interns, as we definitely have! The enthusiasm and joy of our interns is truly infectious, and their eagerness to learn and contribute to our work in a tangible way is so inspiring. They have already helped us tackle a number of projects on our Christian Science nursing floor as well as in our business and development offices. If you haven’t had a chance to support this program, but would like to, donations can be made on our website. Every dollar goes directly to providing for the intern’s experience here!


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