The Inside Scoop – Meet Gloria Beasley

Gloria Beasley found Christian Science in an unusual place – on television.

Waking early one morning, Gloria was flipping through TV channels when she heard a program talking about God. But, it wasn’t the God she had learned about growing up. It was a God who didn’t send illness; it was a God who was good. This resonated deeply with her, as she had never attributed disease or anything else that wasn’t good with God. She stayed tuned to find out more and discovered that it was The Herald of Christian Science that she was listening to.

Gloria began to think deeply about the ideas presented and decided to write to Boston (where The First Church of Christ, Scientist is based) and ask for a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the primary textbook written by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. When she received a copy, it took her one year to “check” the book thoroughly. She wasn’t studying it in depth, yet but wanted to ensure that this religion was not a sect. So, she had to “check” it for certain ideas. Once satisfied, however, she was ready to learn more and called her local Christian Science church. They offered an English-Spanish service, and she began to attend with her daughter, who loved going to Sunday School.

I asked Gloria what led her into Christian Science nursing after that. Here are some excerpts from our chat:

Kendall: What led you into Christian Science nursing?

Gloria: I was working at a Christian Science school in Texas, and I’d really wanted her to attend the school I was working at, but my husband wouldn’t agree to it. When he passed on, I recognized that there was an opportunity for my daughter to attend The Principia in Missouri and asked her if she would want to do so. She eagerly agreed and became a boarding student there during high school. This left me with a broad spectrum of options, and I decided to look into Christian Science nursing. I first went to The Leaves and was sent to Boston for training, but, due to a number of personal things I needed to resolve after my husband’s passing, I stopped the training. Eventually, I was ready to pick it up, again, and found Fern Lodge in Northern California. They were offering a bilingual program, which really appealed to me. So, I moved up there. But, it seemed I still had a number of things to work out before God felt I was ready to move forward! My daughter had returned to live with me at that point and, after a year off, she started college. Her program wasn’t the right fit for her, though so we began to consider other options.

Kendall: Is that when you came to Broadview?

Daniela Acosta, Melanie Pilonieta, and Gloria Beasley
Congratulations to Daniela Acosta** and Gloria Beasley! With Melanie Pilonieta, our Manager of Christian Science Nurse Education.

Gloria: Yes. I decided to look into all the options for Christian Science Nurse Education and found Broadview’s program. When I called Deb [Messmer, our former Co-Director of Christian Science Nursing], I just loved her thought. We connected so well, and I knew it was the perfect fit! My daughter was able to come down with me and transfer to Cal State University, Los Angeles, where she is currently studying Education.

Kendall: That’s wonderful! I know you’ve just completed your Level II training here. Are you hoping to become a Journal-listed Christian Science Nurse*?

Gloria: Absolutely. I just love training with Melanie and Janie [members of our Education management team]. Christian Science nursing gives you the opportunity to practice – to apply – Christian Science. It’s an environment that invites healing.

Kendall: Is there any healing that has stood out to you during your time as a Christian Science Nurse?

Gloria: There have been many. One in particular was when a lady came in walking with only one leg; the other would not move. She was very dedicated to studying and expressing gratitude for everyone – from housekeeping to the patients to the Christian Science nurses and so on. She was really eager to be healed, and, whenever she felt discouraged, we [the Christian Science nurses] would help her overcome the discouragement. Within three months, she walked out of the facility, completely free.

We are so grateful to have Gloria on staff! Congratulations to her for completing her Level II training last month!

*For more information on the role of the Christian Science Nurse, please visit

**To learn more about our other Level II graduate, Daniela, watch our Annual Meeting video “The Time for Healing is Now!”


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