The Inside Scoop – Berkeley Hall School Performs at Broadview!

Guest Post by Tracy Colerider-Krugh, Broadview’s Activity Director

Broadview staff and guests enjoyed a charming break from their morning routine on May 23rd, when 18 Berkeley Hall School third-graders, conducted by musical director Geoffrey Fontaine, presented a joyful spring concert for all! The children did an excellent job of introducing their songs themselves and opened the program with a medley of military anthems in tribute to the United States armed forces. There were lovely renditions of Shenandoah and Amazing Grace with added musical accompaniment as three children played drums and a few others played recorders. The finale was a beautifully rousing song called “America, the Dream Goes On” that John Williams composed, and Alan and Marilyn Bergman wrote the lyrics for. We’d love to share a little slice of the patriotism we thoroughly enjoyed, from an uplifting generation of America’s youth, with you! Read a few verses of this patriotic song below:

There’s a song in the dust of a country road
It’s a song we must recall
And it sings in the farms and the fac’try towns
And where you think there’d be no song at all.

America, America, and the dream goes on!

Think of Roosevelt and Kennedy
And of Martin Luther King
And the way they sang a song about America
Listen well to the wind, its always there
And it’s asking us to sing,

America, America!

Though the voices are changing,
The song’s the same as it sings from sea to sea,
And as long as the music is strong and clear
We’ll know that tomorrow will always be free.

America, America, and the dream goes on! 


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