Solar Tour Visits our Hillside

Click here to watch our live feed and see how much energy we’ve generated to date!

This November EcoMotion Solar Tour paid a visit to Broadview for a look at and brief presentation on our solar panels.panels-min

EcoMotion is a company that provides sustainability advising and consulting to cities, counties, utilities, corporations, and campuses to help them achieve their energy and environmental goals.  In the past years, EcoMotion has hosted European solar tours that have visited innovative solar installations and met the owners, manufacturers, and installers who made them possible. This year was their first U.S. solar tour in the greater Los Angeles area and Broadview’s solar panels were one of their many stops. Their tour group consisted of solar experts and enthusiasts.

Broadview’s Executive Director Michael Fisher, Elite Electric Inc’s President/ CFO Carl Dawson and Sales Director for ecomotion-solar-tour-1SolarMax Technology Guthrie Raimondo gave a joint presentation on the history and logistics that went into setting up and building Broadview’s solar panels. They have been in operation since September 13, 2011! The group met these folks with lots of excitement, interest, and questions. One individual commented that our installation was the most technically-challenging he’d ever seen.

After the presentation, the group enjoyed refreshments and the opportunity to ask Michael, Carl, and Guthrie questions one-on-one. As there was a videographer on hand, we hope to share more images from this event soon!

To learn more about our solar panel array click on this link:


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