What are our residents up to these days?

Spelling Bee

Monday, January 18th, 2016 we held our 20th Spelling Bee. The words were from Mary Baker Eddy’s article “The Deep Things of God” found in Unity of Good. The list and article were distributed over the weekend for study. We received an extra special treat when one of our staff members decided to join us!

The participants spelled for an hour, playing three games. The end of every game required using words that no one had seen (i.e. words not from the article) so that we could establish a winner!  One resident won the first two games, but the third game came down to between her and another resident and, after spelling 16 extra words, they chose to conclude the game and declare a tie! The winning words for games 1 and 2 were: ambiguous and hypocrisy. The last word missed on the third game, narrowing it down to the two players who tied, was: camouflage.

Violin Concert

Maeve's concert
Maeve Schallert

On Monday, January 18th, our Broadview community was treated to some beautifully moving live classical music by Maeve Schallert. Maeve is a local teen who has been playing the violin since she was 3 & 1/2 years old and is now preparing for auditions for colleges. When her mom, Allison, called Broadview to see if we’d welcome giving Maeve an audience to practice in front of, we agreed, and the mini violin concert occurred! Maeve began with two Bach Partitas – gorgeous, gentle, soothing pieces followed by an excitingly dramatic Sibelius concerto that showed off the violin’s incredible range and texture of sounds. A few individuals joined the concert a little late, and Maeve graciously repeated the first Bach Partita! Afterwards, she answered dozens of questions. She hopes to return with other pieces as the college auditioning process continues, and she said she would encourage her classical musician peers to also come share their talents with us. We can’t wait!

P.S. If you or a friend of yours has a talent like this to share, contact Tracy at tracy@csbroadview.org or (323) 221-9174 ext. 302. We would love to host you, just like we did Maeve!


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