Pandemic Policy

Effective 9/01/2023

Broadview is cognizant of the continuing mandates by Los Angeles County and implements best practices accordingly.  This is an overview of current pandemic (COVID) policies and are subject to change without notice.  There are internal systems in place to comply with health and safety protocols as they change.

We request that staff, contractors, and visitors be mindful of his/her health and everyone’s safety.  If you are feeling poorly, please do not come to the facility. Per LA County, masking remains strongly recommended throughout.

Effective Immediately:

  1. Masking is required if a guest or guest’s power of attorney requests that the Christian Science nurse and staff wears masks during care and interactions.All staff will respect that request.Rooms will have a note on the door for any staff that enters to be masked.
  1. COVID 19 Testing by Broadview staff is required before each admission of any patient and accompanying individuals.  Broadview cannot accept any COVID-positive individual; therefore, it is a highly recommended that those undertake testing at home before making the trip to Broadview.
  1. STAFF who have tested positive will notify his/her supervisor and safely remove themselves from work as quickly as possible.

Staff will retest after no less than three days. If the test is negative staff should plan to return to work; if positive, they may retest after another three days.