Our Summer Intern Team

We kicked off the month of June with an exciting summer internship program (our very first) in full swing. Three interns have joined the Broadview team – Nigel, Toms, and Elizabeth. In order to get to know them a little better, each intern shared some interesting facts and stories about themselves.

Nigel, Toms, and Elizabeth
Nigel, Toms, and Elizabeth

Where are the interns from?

Business Intern, Nigel Graham, is from Louisville, Kentucky and just graduated from Principia College with a bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Elizabeth Beasley, Activities Intern and Nursing Floor Assistant, is originally from Texas but moved to California when she turned 18. She currently studies Education (Urban Learning) at California State University, Los Angeles.

Lastly, Business and Communications Intern, Toms Musts, hails all the way from the country of Latvia. His hometown is on the shores of Lake Aluksne, though he is currently a senior at Principia College studying Business Administration.

Most excited for this summer?

When this question was asked, Elizabeth replied, “I’m excited about becoming more spiritual and getting to know everyone.” Nigel is eager for the new opportunities to learn and hopefully making a change for Broadview by contributing with his expertise in technology and other talents. Toms mentioned that he is excited to become a skilled professional and learn more about business, as well as explore Los Angeles, since it is his first time in California.

Interns enjoy exploring Old Pasadena with staff and family members
Interns enjoy exploring Old Pasadena with staff and family members

Any hobbies? Clubs? Teams?

Nigel lives an active lifestyle, as he is passionate about rock climbing, snowboarding, and waterskiing. “It’s very fun (waterskiing), but there are days you face plant and you don’t want to do it anymore,” Nigel added. Back at Principia, he was a part of the snowboarding and waterskiing clubs. Nigel mentioned, “We would often get together and just have fun, practice, or even go on some tournaments.”

Elizabeth has a passion for movies, exercising, and spending quality time with friends and family. She also learned to play the piano back when she was studying at The Principia Upper School.

Business and Communications Intern Toms enjoys staying active and has been involved in various activities throughout college. He was a writer and a designer for the school’s student-run magazine The Pilot, is a part of men’s volleyball club, and will be Chair of The Speakers Committee for Principia’s well-known Public Affairs Conference this upcoming fall. “It is a privilege to be on the board of the longest student-run conference in America. This will be a great opportunity to give back to the campus and the community,” Toms added.

Favorite spot at Broadview?

“The [Christian Science] nurse’s kitchen. I get to have fun interactions with nurses, have snacks, and I get to see my mom,” Elizabeth shared. (Elizabeth’s mom, Gloria Beasley, is a Christian Science nurse at Broadview. You can read Gloria’s story on how she discovered Christian Science here.)

Nigel’s favorite spot is the fountain/patio area (where lunch during our Annual Meeting is typically eaten). “It is very nice and relaxing there,” Nigel said.

On the other hand, Toms confided, “There is a ‘secret garden’ on the edge of the property. Not a lot of people go there, so it is very secluded and peaceful – a perfect place for a quiet lunch.”

The enthusiasm and joy of our interns is truly infectious, and their eagerness to learn and contribute to our work in a tangible way is so inspiring. They have already helped us tackle a number of projects on our Christian Science nursing floor as well as in our Business and Development Offices. Our July 16th workshop with Brad Stock is the perfect opportunity to come by and meet our interns and get to know them better. If you haven’t had a chance to support this program but would like to, donations can be made on our website. Every dollar goes directly to providing for the interns experience here!


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