October 2023 Spiritual Activities Calendar

Dear Friends,

Happy September!

The last couple of months it’s been lovely to hear from many participants expressing gratitude for being prompted to pray about specific issues. For example, on September 8 we received from a Christian Science teacher, “Thank you for today’s spiritual activity of addressing the world’s various beliefs concerning food. Too much, not enough, not healthy, not affordable, etc etc. There is enough for everyone no matter what the picture is. And we can prove it.”

October holds more opportunities to join our Broadview community in prayerfully supporting our world against erroneous beliefs, as well as digging deep into the Bible Lessons for nurturing individual spiritual growth. (Wasn’t the September 17th activity of claiming our identity as “loving God and keeping God’s laws” a powerful experience?!)

Thank you for participating and sharing your inspiration & appreciation – it’s always welcome!


Tracy Colerider-Krugh
Broadview, Inc.
Activities/Volunteer Coordinator

Activities to inspire acts of kindness and to deepen our study of our Bible Lessons


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