New Birth & Christian Healing

Guest post by Leslee Allen, C.S.

When asked to support Christian healing at Broadview in early December as the “Practitioner of the Week,”* it dawned on me during my prayers that everyone involved with Broadview is dedicated to encouraging the “new birth” or spiritualization of thought and desire, as Mary Baker Eddy puts it in infant-asleepMiscellaneous Writings (15:6). Such work is especially poignant at this time of year, as so many around the world are celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus. In her article titled “Cry of Christmas-tide,” Mrs. Eddy talks about how this birth is present in our lives today. She writes:

In different ages the divine idea assumes different forms, according to humanity’s needs. In this age it assumes, more intelligently than ever before, the form of Christian healing. This is the babe we are to cherish. This is the babe that twines its loving arms about the neck of omnipotence, and calls forth infinite care from His loving heart.(Miscellany 370:16)

As I prayed about the concept of the babe of Christian healing in relation to this statement, I found that a study I typically do to support pregnancy and the appearing of a new child in one’s life, called “Expectancy,”  applies to healing and progress at Broadview, as well.

The study begins by asking, “Am I ‘expectant, joyful, ready for Thy [God’s] right commands’?” (Christian Science Hymnal, Hymn 58).

It then examines nine topics through the lens of divine Science:

1 – Expectancy, spiritual origin (see Science and Health 63:5);

2 – Place, position;

3 – Nourish, food, sufficiency, abundance;

4 – Breathing, circulation;

5 – Unfoldment, expansion, unlimited, unconfined;

6 – Care, protection, heredity (divine), opinions (valueless), fearlessness, trust;

7 – Discipline, regulation, control, obedience, weight, strength, painlessness;

8 – Delivery, labor, timing;

9 – Ready, set, go! Respond, reflect, relax, release, rejoice!

Just as with pregnancy and birth, there are a lot of medical beliefs surrounding the concept of a “nursing facility.” Yet, having spent time as a Rest and Study guest at Broadview, I am confident that the Christian Science nurses start their days the same way I begin this study. I know that Christian Science nurses are never given a formula with which to respond to challenges. Rather, they are taught (through their study of Christian Science and Christian Science Nursing Education courses) to let God lead. They listen for divine guidance in every single situation, no matter how small or how complicated it may seem. More often than not, the answer that comes bucks conventional, human wisdom but is the perfect response for that patient at that moment. Isn’t this trusting persistence in God’s ability and willingness to heal the first step in the new birth?

As we advance in our “Expectancy” study, we see the invaluable contribution to healing made by every department at Broadview. For example, the office staff maintain order, discipline, and alertness; the kitchen workers provide delicious meals crafted with thoughtfulness and beauty that nourish and nurture; housekeeping exemplifies care and cleanliness; gardeners welcome the unfolding and unlimited ideas of nature (voicing “natural, spiritual law and divine Love” – see Science and Health 240:1); and Broadview board members enable the precise timing of every activity within the organization by providing the resources each department needs.

Every individual at Broadview is impelled by and undivided from the mind of Christ, which is the true impetus for all Christian study and healing. Gaining a clear understanding of the progression of man’s development as entirely spiritual and taking place under the auspices of divine Love enables the babe of Christian healing to appear. Thought is freed from fear, worry, doubt and other mortal beliefs as this new birth takes place. Through the teachings of our Master, Christ Jesus, we know that this entire process takes place in consciousness, not in matter, and that its results – health, happiness, and harmony – are practical and permanent.

Let’s pause to focus on this gift Broadview gives to individuals and the world. It sets a standard for all of us, as we work towards the absolute demonstration of intelligent, omnipotent Christian healing.

Leslee Allen, a Christian Science practitioner, lives in Newport Beach with her husband and enjoys distance ocean swimming and trips to see her 1+ yr old grandchild and family in South Carolina.

*Practitioner of the Week is a volunteer position where a Christian Science practitioner is asked to pray daily for our organization and to be “on call” for specific support if an immediate facility need arises. If you are interested in learning more about or participating in this program, please email Tracy Colerider-Krugh. Thank you!


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