Monthly ENews – September 2022

Dear Broadview Family:

Here’s a quick reminder to join us this Saturday for our Annual Meeting, in person at The Willows or online. We have a rich program with a keynote talk titled “Five Smooth Stones” by Christie Hanzlik, CS.

Christie’s title, of course, comes from the story of the plucky, adolescent David — all “apple-cheeked and peach-fuzzed”1 — slaying a vicious giant. The key to this story is the moment when young David drops the heavy armor and unfamiliar weapons of an adult soldier, in which he “tried to walk but could hardly budge.”2 The shepherd boy needed simply to be himself, and trust God.

David intuitively grasped a key concept found in Christian Science: that each of us has a unique spiritual identity. “The divine Mind maintains all identities,” Mary Baker Eddy says, “from a blade of grass to a star, as distinct and eternal.”3

True, we are each “a compound idea of God, including all right ideas,” and each of us “reflects spiritually all that belongs to our Maker.”4 But there are an infinite number of ways to reflect the all-ness of God. As a result, each identity is distinct from every other.

“[W]ith wonders I have been distinguished,”5 wrote the mature King David. Isn’t that true of us all? And isn’t it possible that appreciating and embracing our unique identity is the key to slaying every giant we encounter? Perhaps that’s why Mary Baker Eddy said: “To live so as to keep human consciousness in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science.”6

So, back to this Saturday. Please gift us with your unique prayers and unique presence, in person or online. RSVP now to join us for this special event to hear Christie Hanzlik’s take on “Five Smooth Stones,” and more. Let’s take down some giants together!

With love and anticipation,

Marivic Bay Mabanag
Executive Director

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