March 2023 Spiritual Activities Calendar

Dear Friends,

Last month’s activity to “accept the understanding the Lord gives you” was fortified throughout that Lesson on Mind, with exactly what accepting God’s understanding entailed! This is a common occurrence our Broadview community has noticed. Often the tools to expand on the spiritual activities are found right within the other Lesson citations when we approach the Lesson with a particular curiosity and purpose. We have found this rewarding, and trust that you will, too.

The promises included in our God-given understanding is fine-tuned by the Lessons this month. First, we are reminded of who we are as God’s image and likeness. Our dominion established, allows for a poised calm as we then delve into exercising the wisdom of differentiating between what’s true and false.

We’re delighted to have you join us on what we’re sure will be a fruitful exploration!


Tracy Colerider-Krugh
Broadview, Inc.
Activities/Volunteer Coordinator

Activities to inspire acts of kindness and to deepen our study of our Bible Lessons

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