July 2024 Spiritual Activities Calendar

Dear friend,

We trust you’re enjoying the summer season. Broadview recently had their 2nd annual Garden Party held on our front lawn and it was a lovely event with singing, an inspirational talk, delicious food, and outdoor games. It also proved to be a delightful opportunity for me to meet many participants of this calendar face-to-face! What a treat that was!

I would love to meet each one of you in person, but please know I still feel our connection. Divine Mind often leads the phrasing of the activities to be for “everyone” or “all of us” and certainly that is inspired by Mary Baker Eddy’s reminder that we “include all mankind in one affection.” However, it is also a way to lovingly support all of us doing these spiritual activities; to “cheer us on” in our holy quests!

Much love,

“True prayer is not asking God for love; it is learning to love, and to include all mankind in one affection.
(No and Yes, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 39:17–18)

Tracy Colerider-Krugh
Broadview, Inc.
Activities/Volunteer Coordinator

Activities to inspire acts of kindness and to deepen our study of our Bible Lessons


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