It was a morning to sing about….

On Wednesday, May 20th, a white bus pulled up in front of Broadview and two dozen third graders fromThird graders visit Berkeley Hall School tumbled out of it. While we finished setting up chairs and preparing patients and residents for their visit, they decided to stay outside and enjoy the big, green lawn. Within minutes, a game of tag erupted and shortly thereafter, every single one of them had joined in the fun and was running about screaming, “You’re it!” Eventually, the teachers and parent volunteers broke up this high-energy game for another, quieter one, and sat them all in a circle to play. When we came out to let them know we were ready for them, how fun it was to see this group listening attentively to each other as they determined what they were going to bring on an imaginary trip (we’ll have to ask their teachers for specifics of how this game works to get them all so quiet!).

Excited to make an entrance, but, admittedly, a bit shy, they lined up, filing into our Activities Room filled with staff, patients, and residents. After a brief introduction by Mary Jane Fisher, the daughter of our Executive Director and a student at Berkeley Hall, their music teacher, Geoffrey, led them into a lively rendition of “It’s a Most Unusual Day” (originally performed by Jane Powell in the 1948 musical “A Date With Judy”). The words were quite apropos – “There are people meeting people; there is sunshine everywhere…and a feeling of spring in the air!” It was precisely what we were doing!

They continued with favorites such as “Oh Shenandoah” and “God Bless America” as well as a few lesser known songs like “A You’re Adorable”, a fun alphabet song. At the end of the performance, we invited them to meet and greet everyone, which they did with vigor. It was such fun to see our patients chatting with this great group of kids. We know they loved it!

Thank you so much to Berkeley Hall School for arranging this wonderful visit for the third year in a row. We can’t wait to see you again next year!

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