The Inside Scoop – New Level Two Graduate!

Lifelong Christian Scientist and recent Christian Science nurse, Hardian (Hardy) Soeprapto, has completed his Level Two training at Broadview. Congratulations Hardy!

When asked how he got into Christian Science nursing, Hardy said, “Some people already know what they’re going to do [in life]. Others, like I once was, are still searching.” However, Hardy realized he’d found his path after attending a Christian Science nursing workshop at Broadview. He highly recommends that others who are unfamiliar with Christian Science nursing participate in a workshop like this one – not necessarily to become a Christian Science nurse, but so they can learn what Christian Science nursing is about, and why it’s so important to the community.

Shortly after attending the workshop last summer, Hardy began working at our facility and has now been here for almost a year. He started out as a Christian Science Nursing Floor Assistant (CSNFA) and has worked his way through two levels of training – eagerly expecting to complete all four. As a CSNFA, Hardy learned how to assist the Christian Science nursing staff with various activities; completed small services for patients (such as reading Christian Science literature to them or joining them on walks around the facility); and familiarized himself with what a Christian Science nursing facility is truly about. He quickly developed his love of serving the cause of Christian Science by being a Christian Science nurse. While discussing his daily tasks and duties, Hardy said, “It’s more than just giving care; it’s a great work environment and atmosphere.” While Hardy enjoys working at Broadview, he recognizes there’s a lot of time, dedication, and prayer that goes into the Christian Science nursing practice.

Melanie Pilonieta, Manager of Christian Science Nursing Education, says Hardy really flourished in the Level Two course. As a Level Two certified Christian Science nurse, Hardy has learned more practical nursing skills as well as how to apply those skills through the practice of Christian Science. Through the two courses at Broadview, he’s been asked to take an in-depth look at the ethics of nursing through various Bible stories. Melanie has trained many students in the practice of Christian Science nursing. She says, “Each [Christian Science nursing] class is a demonstration in and of itself,” but because Hardy learns so quickly, she decided to do a one-on-one class with him to help keep up with his pace. This specialized attention has been mutually beneficial to our facility.

There are two more levels of training left, and Hardy has shown growing interest in taking them soon. Broadview is grateful for the healing work Hardy contributes daily – not only within our facility but also within the community. Thank you, Hardy, for all your hard work and dedication to Christian Science nursing!

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