Healing Moments – April 2015 Newsletter

  • An individual called our Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service saying she had injured her back and couldn’t get up. The Christian Science nurse agreed to come out first thing in the morning, and the individual started to explain where to find the hidden key to get inside. The nurse gently told her that would not be necessary as prayer is effective, and she expected to be greeted at the door. When the Christian Science nurse called the next morning upon her arrival, the individual replied, “Great! The front door is Sunflower at Broadviewopen, so come on in,” and welcomed the nurse at the door. She then told the nurse that she had experienced this issue before, and it had taken two weeks to recover. But, the nurse lovingly reminded her that matter has no past, no present, and no future, which enabled her to gain a sense of her freedom. Though the nurse left a walker, the individual soon called to return it, explaining that she had used it, but only briefly. We are very grateful for Truth’s revealing and healing!
  • A patient came into Broadview after having fallen several times in her home . At first, she did not want to leave her room here at all, but by the end of her five-day stay, she was able to walk to Sunshine Lane (our dining area) and join others for lunch. She left Broadview with much greater freedom!
  • A family called to see if their mother could come to Broadview for help with a mobility challenge and bandaging care. She had fallen twice in two days and had been diagnosed in an Emergency Room with a broken shoulder. While this individual was at Broadview, much healing took place. One of our Christian Science nurses was inspired to leave her little notes that read, “God is in control of all my actions.” It was a constant reminder to the patient of her true identity. Within a short period of time, she began to affirm this truth in front of others whenever she felt tempted to touch a bandaged area and soon, other patients were asserting this for her, too! Significant improvement in her mobility and bandaging needs followed, and she was able to return to her home.


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