Healing Moments – February 2016 Newsletter

Blossoms from one of our flowering pear trees
Blossoms from one of our flowering pear trees

We were so grateful to witness the step-by-step progress of a number of our guests last month. One individual who had spent much time in her room is now attending activities and meals in our common area, Sunshine Lane. Another has started to walk with assistance after being confined to bed or a chair. We also saw the quick healing of a guest admitted and discharged within a short time period. Yet another individual, who came in expecting to stay for several days, left after just one night, declaring that she’d gotten what she needed, and there was no reason to stay!

“Every step of progress is a step more spiritual,” Mary Baker Eddy writes in The People’s Idea of God. “The great element of reform is not born of human wisdom; it draws not its life from human organizations; rather is it the crumbling away of material elements from reason, the translation of law back to its original language, – Mind, and the final unity between man and God” (1:1-7). Our gratitude abounds for every opportunity to see this unity demonstrated!


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