Healing Moments – August 2017

One of Broadview’s employees has been looking after her five year old grandson lately. On their way out the door to church, his nose started bleeding, and would not stop. After allowing him to attempt to stop it with tissues, she was moved to tell him, “You know that God made you perfect?” He removed his tissues, and his nose bleed immediately subsided. They then went on their merry way to church.

Another Broadview employee shared gratitude for communication. Often, she’s found that communication has no boundaries, and can be as simple as a smile or a nod. What she’s observed at Broadview is that interactions between herself and a guest always seem to be what each of them needed. She said, “Angel thoughts are not limited, so why limit communication?”

We recently had volunteers do a beautification project on the property. One of the volunteers spent some time chatting with a Broadview guest, and we have been able to witness a positive change since. So much gratitude for the work of all our volunteers!



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