Healing Moments – August 2015 Newsletter

  • Recently, we established a 20-minute period during each of our three daily shifts for our Christian Science nurses and Christian Science staff to pray specifically about the healing power of Christian Science in our lives and here at Broadview. We have already seen wonderful results! Our staff has reported a quieter, more peaceful atmosphere; greater harmony in working relationships; demonstration of financial and other supply needs met, and so much more. We look forward to continued recognition and expression of God’s richness and abundance!
  • Last month was quite an active one for our facility staff. We are grateful to report that one individual, who was admitted after falling at home, was able to return home after just a short stay. Another individual with supposedly limited mobility was able to walk with assistance after two weeks and then return home. In addition, our Level II Christian Science nursing students have completed the classroom portion of their training and are making rapid progress in the completion of their entire training. We are so grateful to see their growth and joy!

As always, we are here to serve you – anytime. Whether it’s a quiet place to rest and study, questions about supporting a church or family member, or bandaging or mobility assistance, we are ready to meet every need. Call us at (323) 221-9174 or (877) 584-3744.


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