Greetings from Broadview! Healing is happening!

Dear Friends:

The Broadview Annual Meeting will be held this year on Saturday December 2nd, 2023. So mark your calendars and look for more details to follow.  Meanwhile, we are reaching out to you today to provide an important update on our wonderful progress.

We are witnessing a resurgence of blessings and healings with a significant increase in the number of patients (guests) served.  We are also seeing church friends (both yours and ours) walking out of Broadview completely healed and into the welcoming arms of their family members. We particularly want you to share this news because there seems to be a false impression among a few in the field that Broadview is inactive, ineffective, unwilling to take patients, or otherwise closed. We assure you this is not the case. 

Over the last few months, we have significantly revamped the administrative systems of the facility to put as many resources as possible onto the nursing floor.  We are also working with other Christian Science Nursing facilities to maximize the quality and effectiveness of day-to-day operations. We are also happy to announce that we hired Bill Cunningham as our executive director. He knows Broadview very well from his work on the emergency preparedness and readiness plans and implementation of mandatory training. Melanie Pilonieta, our former director of Christian Science Nurse’s Training, was named the director of Christian Science Nursing after our long time director of Christian Science Nursing retired. Lastly, Fornis Siameja, a long-term Christian Science Nurse at Broadview has accepted the position of manager of Christian Science Nurse’s Training. 

We also recently opened our new Hospitality Wing, where we can provide a fresh haven for those seeking an uplifting place to stay during Class Instruction, Association, or visiting the Los Angeles area. 

We rejoice in these blessings but are faced with some fairly daunting challenges. We need to maintain and update our buildings, landscaping, and amenities on this large, beautiful, vibrant campus. The need is great, and day-by-day our resources are falling shorter. 

Recently, the financial landscape changed dramatically. For years Broadview had a wonderful anonymous benefactor to rely upon, like many Christian Science facilities. Unfortunately, that donor is pausing financial assistance for the foreseeable future and is evaluating the best possible support they can offer. The National Fund for Christian Science Nursing is also significantly reducing the daily rate they are paying to individuals applying to the fund for assistance. As a result, we are asking you to open your hearts and consider opportunities to support your fellow Christian Scientists.

We are inspired by the following passage and message from an article entitled The Theology of Care, by Geraldine Schiering, published in the July 1982 Christian Science Journal.

“The existence of Christian Science nursing facilities does not guarantee the fulfillment of their spiritual purpose. The guarantee is forged through the lives of individual Christian Scientists engaged in the dedicated practice of their theology. The experience and spiritual understanding of the Christian Science nurses and practitioners, of the patients, and of the entire staff, form the actual structure of a nursing facility. This is the “steel” that is unmovable in the storm. It supports one and all together in the progressive demonstration of the immortality of man.”

This is an urgent call to action for those who have been blessed by the healing mission of Broadview. Can you direct us to resources that would help to preserve this haven for healing? 

We welcome all ideas for grants, fundraising, donor introductions, or other types of revenue generation. Please reach out to Bill Cunningham, who brings a wealth of business and non-profit experience to our facility and mission.  His contact information is as follows: and (323) 221-9174 x300.

Finally, we ask for and welcome your prayerful support in order to continue maintaining this wonderful level of Christian Science care and expand our three ministries – Christian Science Nursing, Christian Science Nurse Training and Education and Christian Science Community Care in Southern California for many decades to come. 

Thank you in advance. You are a blessing. 

With much love,
The Broadview Board of Directors 


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