February Workshop Wrap-Up

Saturday, February 13th was a busy day at Broadview as we kicked off our 2016 workshop series with two great events! Moving Forward Together workshop

The first, “Moving Forward Together as a Church of Healers,” offered us the opportunity to consider what it means to be a church whose mission is to heal.

Nancy Gray, a Christian Science practitioner, opened the workshop by explaining, “A church is representative of the cumulative thought of its members.” She then continued, “So, how is your thinking? Mrs. Eddy tells us that, ‘The time for thinkers has come'” (Science and Health 1:1).

If we find ourselves mesmerized by any negative thoughts – such as a shrinking church or an inability to heal – we must change our thought first and foremost. Nancy mentioned that if we ever have any problem we cannot seem to heal, we should read the textbook [Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy] from beginning to end. The textbook always has the answer, and she’s seen this work over and over again!

Finally, Nancy reminded us that Mrs. Eddy said a real Christian Scientist enters a room and heals it. Are we so imbued with the consciousness of Christ that we illuminate the thought of the receptive heart and heal it?

Following Nancy’s talk, we watched a video from The Mother Church and then dispersed into four groups to discuss the questions:

  • How do we commit to fulfilling Mary Baker Eddy’s hope that “no one could enter a Christian Science church, no matter how sick or sorrowing that one might be, without being healed, and that this day can come only when every member of the church studies and demonstrates the truth contained in the Lesson Sermon, and takes with him to the service the consciousness thus prepared” (from “Healing the Multitudes” by Florence Boyd, July 1, 1916, Christian Science Sentinel).
  • How does the Church Manual support us as healers?
  • With love, humility, and courage, how can we identify suggestions or disputes that would try to impede our progress as a church of healers?
  • How do the ideas in “Choose Ye” relate to our own discipleship within the context of church?

In the afternoon, we convened in our Education classroom for a metaphysical talk and panel presentation on Christian Science nursing. Discover CS NursingInterested individuals were then able to take a tour of Broadview and speak one-on-one with a Christian Science nurse. We hope to see some of these folks return for our Level One Education class in June!

Thank you to all who helped make it such a wonderful day!

If you would like a copy of the notes from the morning session, please email Kendall Tuchkova

If you’d like to know more about Christian Science nursing, please email Melanie Pilonieta.


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