Feature – We Love Our Volunteers!

Every year, Broadview puts together a luncheon for the many volunteers that share their time, prayers, and love with our healing facility. This year’s theme was a colorful spring tea – complete with French lavender, flowering teapots, and delectable treats from Sugarbird Sweets. Following the Christian Scientists Must Have a History!* workshop given that morning, we welcomed guests to enjoy the company of fellow volunteers for tea and treats in our fountain courtyard. But it wasn’t the tea that made the luncheon so special – it was the guest list!

Each volunteer contributes so much to the sweet, loving, healing community at Broadview, and we are so grateful for all the work they do for us. No matter the task, the volunteers are always ready to give support where it’s needed. Some of the many tasks volunteers so willingly carry out are: reading the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson every single day; giving church services twice a week; playing the piano; dedicating prayer; spending time with patients; and even sharing their pets with guests and staff alike! Our volunteers are the sugar in our tea, so to speak. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such a giving community.

Here’s what some of our staff and patients have to say about our volunteers:

“I feel their love. Their support means a lot to me. A lot of times I don’t feel I can make it to the Bible Lesson reading, but love carries me across. The dedication in the way the volunteers pick out the readings and articles for those listening, no matter the number of guests in the room, is as dedicated as if there were 100 people in attendance. I have a deep sense of gratitude for the unity of Christian Science, and you can tell the volunteers are eager to come and help. I don’t feel like a burden around them, but they make me feel like a blessing.” – Current Broadview Patient

“Coordinating the volunteers is a joy. About a hundred volunteers serve Broadview each year and their ministry of love is expressed in a variety of ways. They include: our Board members; Practitioners who pray for us; those who conduct our church services; weekday readers of the Lesson; folks who share their travels or their pets; and those that help with the extra tasks involved with workshops or Annual Meeting. We are grateful for each one – for every individual plays a necessary role in maintaining the harmonious, healing atmosphere of Broadview.” – Tracy Colerider-Krugh, Activities Director

“Volunteers contribute so much to Broadview’s healing mission. A line from one of Mrs. Eddy’s poems describes the sweetness of life that volunteers share with each guest, ‘… as heart to heart speaks kindly when we meet and part.’ This sweet evidence of Love is a glorious blessing, to both volunteer and guest.” – Michael Fisher, Executive Director

“We love our volunteers! Having a network of individuals who give of their time and prayers is one of the reasons Broadview thrives. The daily [Christian Science] treatments of the Practitioner of the Week support a harmonious and healing environment while the weekly Bible Lesson readings, church services, and other hands-on volunteer activities enable us to expand the scope of our Christian Science nursing services to a wide community, thereby demonstrating the infinite resources of Soul (see Science and Health 60:29).” – Kendall Tuchkova, Development Director

“The Volunteer Luncheon is one of my favorite celebrations of the year, and also one of the most important. Volunteers bring bursts of new energy to our lovely home here and are an integral part of how we function all together. Volunteers remind C.S. organizations that the C. S. community is much bigger than one facility or church. So because they are so special, we try to make the Volunteer Appreciation parties even more fun each year!” – Lindsay LaVanchy, Special Projects Manager

“Broadview’s volunteers really are the cherry-on-top for patients, bringing with them fresh ideas and renewed energy. Their harmony of thought, willingness to help out, and love they put into service are very appreciated.” – Melanie Peterson, Co-Director of Christian Science Nursing

*Mis. 106:3

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