Workshops – The Exploration of The Apostle Paul And The Old Testament With Dr. Barry Huff!

Dr. Barry Huff is an Assistant Professor in Principia College’s Religion and Philosophy Department. He was chosen by the student body as Principia’s 2013 Teacher of the Year, and primarily teaches courses in biblical studies, which was also the focus of his undergraduate religion major, both of his master’s degrees, and his Ph.D. 

In early July, Broadview invited Dr. Barry Huff to share his expansive knowledge of the Apostle Paul and the Old Testament during a three day workshop throughout Los Angeles. What a turnout! Overflowing audiences were seen throughout the weekend. We are grateful for everyone who participated, and look forward to doing similar workshops in the future.

During the first two interactive workshops, Barry (dressed in costume as the Apostle Paul) shared spiritual insights into Paul’s letters, and the many lessons gleaned from them. Participants from the audience asked Barry staged questions that he then responded to in an interactive radio talk show format. These questions ranged from topics of the leadership of women and church politics, to the endless power of love.

The third workshop was a major hit, opening with Mediterranean themed refreshments and uplifting live music from The Band of Disciples (a local Christian Science band). Guests then delved deep into concepts of the Old Testament with Barry, who was dressed in costume once again – this time not as Paul, but as various characters from that time period. One of the key messages throughout all three presentations was the relevance of how each topic related to our individual lives today. Here’s what some of our audience members had to say about their experience, and what they learned:

“[Barry’s] ‘presence’ was so warm and loving and full of light – that will be unforgettable.”

“I loved the interactive format and the lively presentation. I learned a lot about which epistles Paul wrote, and some of the ideas that Christianity has traditionally attributed to him, which were not actually his.”

“[Barry’s] interactive roles, including questions from the audience lent an engaging relevancy to his presentations. One thing I found particularly valuable was when he compared the holy of holies in Egypt with the one in the temple at Jerusalem. The Egyptians had an image (idol), but Barry (AKA, Gedaliah) asked about the image in the Jewish temple. I had always thought of it as the ark of the covenant (10 Commandments), but he replied that God’s image is man. I never put that together before – quite a revelation!”

“Beautiful presentation of love for God and man, and how that includes respect and honor for our neighbors; upholding and rebuking as needed; and t’was given with absolutely no self-aggrandizement.”

“I was inspired by the wealth of information that Dr. Barry Huff presented.”

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