Feature: How can a Visiting Christian Science Nurse help you?

Broadview’s Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service is an extended arm of our facility. Visiting Christian Science nurses go into individual homes* and assist a variety of physical needs. Any supplies used are charged, but the Christian Science nurse’s time is provided on a donation basis.

Despite the growing popularity of this Service in the past few years, many folks are sometimes still hesitant to call a Visiting Christian Science nurse. So, what might one encounter when they make that call? Check out the scenario below! Or, scroll to the bottom to read testimonials from current clients.

Phone rings for the Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service.

Christian Science Nurse: Hello.

Caller:  Hi, my name is Jane. I’m calling to find out what services you provide.

Christian Science Nurse:  I’d be happy to provide you with that information. Are you calling for yourself?

Caller: No, I’m inquiring for my grandmother. She lives in the Orange County area. I spoke with her a couple days ago, and she mentioned that she was having difficulty getting around. I live in Colorado, and I’m her only living relative. My grandmother has been a Christian Helping out in the homeScientist her entire life, but I am not. I know she doesn’t want medical help and doesn’t have a doctor, so I’m trying to find out what her options are. She might need someone coming in every day, fixing meals, helping her bathe, taking her on errands etc. At this point I’m just unsure what her immediate need is. Do you help with housekeeping?

Christian Science Nurse: I’ll be happy to address your questions and help. I’m curious, how did you find out about the Broadview Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service?

Caller: My grandmother told me there were Christian Science nursing facilities, so I went on the Internet and found Broadview’s website. On their website was information about you.

Christian Science Nurse: What did we do before the Internet? I’m so glad you found us. The first step would be for me to visit your grandmother and assess her needs. We help with bathing, mobility, and meal preparation. We can also help with laundry and change the bed linens. The Christian Science nurse does not get involved with house cleaning, but, once I have visited with her and know what her needs are, I let you know how we can be helpful and also direct you in obtaining additional help, if it is needed.

Caller: How many hours a day can you spend with my grandmother, and what are your charges?

Christian Science Nurse: We make 1 visit a day and can spend 1-2 hrs per visit. In lieu of an hourly charge, we ask for donations. We do bill for any supplies left with a client. We also loan out mobility aids such as shower chairs, bedside commodes, and wheel chairs.

Caller: I think my grandma might need more help than 1-2 hours a day. Are there other options?

Christian Science Nurse: Of course! Broadview isn’t too far away and can provide additional Christian Science nursing care.

Caller: Hmmm, I’m not sure she can afford something like that. How much does it cost?

Christian Science Nurse: Well, they do take Medicare and will work with each individual if financial assistance is needed. Does your grandmother know you are contacting me?

Caller: Yes, she does.

Christian Science Nurse: Great. Do you know if she is working with a Christian Science practitioner?

Caller: No, I don’t

Christian Science Nurse: Okay. Let me take down your grandmother’s home address and phone number, and I’ll call her to arrange a time for me to stop by. This will help me have a better understanding of what her needs are, and I will call you after my visit, so we can talk about what the best care will be for her.

Caller: Okay. That sounds good. Thank you so much!

See how easy that was? If you or a loved one has any physical need, please don’t hesitate to call us today at (877) 584-3744. We would love to assist you!

 Testimonials from some of our current clients:

The Visiting Christian Science nurses are always willing to talk with you and come out to help. They rely on inspiration from God to unfold the support needed in each situation. They don’t want a description of the problem and won’t discuss it with you. This uplifted metaphysical thought always brings a healing atmosphere to the room. They never judge and are truly an expression of Love. I always feel comfortable and confident while they are working and, once they are finished, that the work has been done right. I would encourage anyone who needs assistance not to hesitate to call them!

Laura Armstrong [Director of the Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service] is the best Christian Science nurse I’ve ever had! She knows how to talk to you; knows the practical application of ideas as well as the metaphysics; and handles everything with grace and care. This Service has been a great support to me and to my siblings, who are not practicing Christian Science. They think the Service is wonderful and are grateful to see me being supported. I will always support this work through donations. It’s crucial to keep it going!

*Broadview’s Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service serves those in the following counties: Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. You can reach us by calling (877) 584-3744.
Los Angeles County is served by the Los Angeles Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service. You can reach them at 818.507.7540.


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