December 2023 Spiritual Activities Calendar

Dear Friends,

Happy, holy Christmas season to you, dear participant! We hope you’ll find the Spiritual Activities supporting your enjoyment of all the added events and festivities of the season. 

Please let these activities be fluid – take a glance at the whole calendar and let them speak to you. Although inspired by the Bible Lessons for each individual week, you may find an activity of a later date helpful right now – such as Dec. 22’s activity to “Refute for humanity beliefs of pressure; affirm Christly rest.”

Likewise, the last two Bible Lessons this month are rich with “sheep” and “way” references, but we can pause this moment to feel the Comforter’s shepherding of our way and listen for it every day.

Blessed Christmas to you, and yours, and all!


Tracy Colerider-Krugh
Broadview, Inc.
Activities/Volunteer Coordinator

Activities to inspire acts of kindness and to deepen our study of our Bible Lessons


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